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Iowa PanoramicsRoughly one hundred years ago, several photographers took it upon themselves to document, in black & white panoramic photographs, many towns across the midwest.

Traveling from town to town, they took these images with bulky and complicated cameras. While most of their work has been lost to the ages, some of the original images have survived and have been digitally scanned. Most had been folded for storage, as well as been torn and stained. These defects must be edited in order to create a more acceptable image.

Today, these exact same locations have been revisited and full-color digital photographs are recorded. Utilizing the digital scans of the original images, and digitally manipulating and editing the modern images allows the combination of the two equal counterparts, taken roughly 100 years apart, brought together into one stunning image.

Available in sizes 8×10 and up, these images are sure to touch the hearts of the residents in the towns which they reside and become treasured heirlooms.  Click here to see if your home town is available.  Cities in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Idaho and Oklahoma are available.

Imagination Images of Iowa ClocksCourthouse ClocksSoon after Iowa was admitted to the Union as the 29th state, the 99 counties contained within its borders typically started out with makeshift or second-hand structures to serve as seat of the area’s government.

It was soon discovered, however, that these primitive facilities were inadequate, and in the late 19th century and early 20th, building of beautiful and graceful courthouses progressed at a phenomenal rate.

Many of these structures were topped off with towers, and some of those were adorned with clocks. To celebrate these inspiring structures, composite images of these buildings have been digitally edited, taking out the hands so a working clock can be installed in a framed enlargement to make the final photograph a beautiful, functioning work of art.

Roughly a third of Iowa’s courthouses are adorned with a clock, and owning one of these unique prints is yet another way to display the pride of your Iowa heritage.  Click here to find out if your courthouse has one of these unique images available.

Inspired in Iowa is a new addition to our photographic line-up.  These are sweeping vistas of iconic Iowa views.  From cityscapes to woodland scenes, farm fields to landscapes, these images are sure to ‘bring you home’ to Iowa.

Imagination Images of Iowa Stock PhotosStock PhotographyIn addition to our Panoramic and Clock photographs, Imagination Images of Iowa also offers a wide variety of Stock Photographs for sale as prints, or for use in brochures, publications, magazines and books.

To see what we have available, click here.

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