Are all cities & towns in Iowa going to have a panoramic photo taken?

Currently, only those where we have an existing early 20th century panoramic available are scheduled to be visited. If you know of the existence of such a panoramic photo that is not on our list, we’d like to hear from you.

What years were the old panoramic photos taken?

Most were taken between 1907 and 1909, but some were taken as late as 1935.

Why don’t all towns in Iowa have an ‘old’ panoramic photograph?

Most probably did at one time or another. However, because of the cost of the camera & film, original prints were few and far between, even during the period they were taken. Given the rarity of originals, it only stands to reason that few have survived. And many towns didn’t even exist prior to 1935.

My hometown is on your schedule for either a panoramic photo or a clock. How will I know when it becomes available?

You can either bookmark our site, or sign up for RSS Feeds when additional images are made available.

Are all the courthouses going to be make into clocks?

Only those with actual clocks in them are going to be photographed.

Are other sizes of panoramic photographs available?

Yes. We currently offer an additional 8 sizes of images beyond what is listed here on our site. You may Contact Us for details and prices.

Are other sizes of clocks available?

In order to create the clocks, we must first create a print that is proportional to the clock mechanisms and hands that are commercially available. For the time being, we are only producing clock images that match the smallest set of hands obtainable.

Are the clocks for sale without a frame?

No. In order to support the clock, the photograph must be mounted on a backing material, and the clock installed by hand. The frame is needed to install ‘blocking’ necessary to protect the clock mechanism behind the photograph. This blocking also keeps the final image parallel to the wall when hanging.

Are the images actual photographs, or are they prints?

All our images are photographs, printed on photographic paper. They are not poster-type prints.

It appears the panoramic photographs are matted.  Is this true?

It only appears that way.  The ‘matte’ is actually a digital recreation of one done on the computer and added to the final image prior to printing.

If the matte is digitally created, can the color be changed?

Absolutely!  While at the moment we only offer a ‘Sky Blue’ primary matte here on our site, other colors are available.  Some matte options are already available (mostly college colors).   In addition, we can create a custom color for you if you so desire.  If you are interested in a color other than blue, you can simply Contact Us for availability and pricing.

Are any of your photographs available in local stores?

At present, we only offer our products through our website.  On occasion, we also are present at various fairs and festivals.

How do I know how much detail is visible in a particular image? I don’t want to buy a large print and have it end up ‘grainy’ or fuzzy.

All of our panoramic and clocks presented here have thumbnail images showing the detail available accompanying each image. And both of these items are printed from digital files that represent 30 megapixel images or larger. Some of our images are 80 megapixels in size.

Why do some images have the phrase “High Dynamic Range” associated with them?

“High Dynamic Range”, or HDR,  is a procedure used to capture the wide contrast of a given subject.  In most photographs, taking a single exposure will cause the dark areas to simply turn black, while the highlights are washed out and turn white.  High Dynamic Range is a process of taking a variety of exposures, then digitally combining them so the details in the shadows and highlights are more visible in the finished print.

Are reproduction rights available for any of your images?

Yes. You may contact us for details. We can provide you with certain rights for use in books, brochures, magazines, etc.

I really like the idea of taking modern images to duplicate those in the old panoramics. Have you considered compiling all of them into a coffee-table type book?

Absolutely! When all of the old panoramics have been retaken with modern images, a book is planned.

Why is the Pricing listed as “Add+ $XX?

It has to do with the way our on-line  store calculates the prices.  All prices are based on the lowest-priced image for that photograph.  Larger sizes, and framing, is calculated as that base price plus a certain amount.  The correct price will appear in your Checkout page.

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